Earthtones is proud to display the talents of local musicians on Friday and Saturday nights from 8p-10p.


Friday the 6th -- Jonathan Crissman

Saturday the 7th -- Entwined

Friday the 13th -- Sorrow The Fuzzy Bunny

Saturday the 14th -- Artisian Trio

Saturday the 21st -- Kimo & Kaiulani

Friday the 27th -- Joshua Forget

Saturday the 28th -- Thicker Than Water


Saturday the 5th - Thicker Than Water

Friday the 11th - Joshua Forget

Saturday the 19th - Entwined

Friday the 25th - Cole Michaels

Saturday the 26th - Thicker Than Water

If you or someone you know is interested in booking a date to play at Earthtones, call (585.671.3060) or EMAIL for availability.

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